Vans Presents: Pass the Bucket with Dennis Martinez and Amy Purdy

One of the original Vans sponsored skateboarders (1977 World Freestyle Champion / 1978 U.S. Champion) Dennis Martinez,
has dedicatd the latter part of his life to rehabilitating the marginalized, institutionalized, and forgotten people of our country. 
His largest success has been establishing the Training Center in San Diego,
a drug and rehabilitation center in Spring Valley, CA. He also works as a volunteer prison chaplain at Calipatria State Prison.
Of recently, Dennis has teamed up with the San Diego SWAT and Police forces to attack the major gang and drug problem that has arrised along the border, by implementing a youth diversion program. In the past 3 years crime has decreased by 47%. 

For more information on the Training Center go to sdtrainingcenter.com

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch

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Music By:
Logh "Every Streetlight a Reminder"
Glen Porter "Armada"
If These Trees Could Talk "Ex Machina"
Glen Porter "Quiet on the Set"

Amy Purdy is a snowboarder, skateboarder, makeup artist, actress, model and is also a double leg amputee. At the age of 19, she contracted Neisseria meningitis, a form of bacterial meningitis. Due to the disease, which affected her circulatory system, both of her legs had to be amputated below the knee. Her spleen and a kidney had to be removed as well. Two years later, she received a kidney transplant from her father. Her friends now refer to her by the nickname Lucky.

Amy's most significant accomplishment to date is in the creation and development of the action sport athletic organization; Adaptive Action Sports. In 2005 Amy and her partner Daniel Gale founded the non-profit organization to help adaptive athletes get involved with action sports, art and music.

As of 2011 Amy is currently ranked #1 in the world for Adaptive Snowboarding and recently got adaptive sports into the 2011 X-Games. Amy's future goal is getting adaptive sports into the 2014 Olympics.

For more information on how you can help support Adaptive Action Sports go to ADACS.org

Directed & Edited by: Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

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Music by:
Romance of Young Tigers "The Sound and The Fury"
Matterhorn "Plaid Parade"
Moving Mountains "Bottom Feeder"
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